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Established in 2004, XIAMEN EOPAIA IMP&EXP TRADING CORP is a footwear company dedicated to technological innovation in product development. Our primary focus is to offer design and innovation services, brand positioning, business planning, product organization, quality control, supply chain management optimization, and comprehensive support to international professional sportswear brands. Through years of extensive research and rigorous training, Eopaia has built a strong foundation within the industry, earning recognition from numerous renowned global brands. Our core values revolve around prioritizing quality, ensuring timely deliveries, displaying unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and aspiring to be a trustworthy supplier. In our pursuit of making a positive impact on customers, employees, suppliers, and communities, Eopaia is deeply committed to practicing principles of honesty, diligence, innovation, and friendliness. We take our responsibilities seriously, even in the face of the uncertainties in today's global economy.
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